2020 Festival Sweepstakes

We have all been devastated by the cancelations and postponement of shows and festivals, so we wanted to bring some light back into your lives and run Festival Sweepstakes to give you something to look forward to! Once festival season resumes, we are giving away two tickets to one lucky winner to a festival of their choice! Just fill out the form below to enter. 
*exclusions apply


  • Shannelle

    I made a purchase and didn’t get the entries. And I referred it to 3 people and didn’t get the entries

  • Jack Mayr

    Made a purchase, didn’t get the entries


    I truly love and live for music and art without it I would be empty. I don’t know what I will do this summer without my outdoor festivities.

  • Jeff Jakubowski

    Oh man this would be awesome! Had 4 concerts that me and my buddy already had tickets to get postponed until who knows when.. once everything gets back to normal, I can’t wait to hear some live music, dance my ass off, and meet some new people!

  • Thomas G

    Absolutely dying to get back to another festival. I have been in the scene for some time and recently just came out to California to get sober. I’m looking to go to my first show completely sober and spread the love and compassion and share moments with others with that beautiful EDM blaring in the background. Praying to God for this opportunity to go to a show and share the experience with all those around me. PLUR 💜🌎

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