Early arrival

The jungle princess had a set arrival date. Since she was arriving by repeat csection, it was planned and decided that she would come on January 3, 2014. The Dr would not take her before December 31 at 39 weeks, no matter how much I asked. Due to this fact, I was planning on working up until the very last day. Well, the little lady had plans of her own. On December 27, I was feeling DONE. I was scheduled to work the following day, a Saturday, but then I was going to tell them to start my maternity leave. At about 3 in the afternoon, I coughed and felt a small gush. I thought I had peed myself. It happened again and although I was embarrassed, I took one more customer before heading to the restroom. While I was helping him, there was another small gush but this time it had not been preceded by a cough. I went to the bathroom and the gushes continued. I put some TP in my underwear, told my manager that I thought my water had broken, and called M at work. We arranged for the monkey to be picked up from school and we headed to the hospital. It was a whirlwind and barely 3 hours later, at 6:03 pm, our princess made her debut. She was not breathing when she was born and turned blue. I have never been so scared. Her brother in heaven was looking out for her though and all is well. What a set of pipes she has!!

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