Jungle update

I hate that I neglect this page.  Life is hectic in the jungle but I love getting my thoughts out.  So what has been happening during the last almost year, you ask?  Well, monkey has started prekindergarten at our local elementary school.  He absolutely loves it!!  He loves his teacher. He loves his friends.  He loves going to “big boy” school.  The princess has taken over our house and our hearts.  I can not believe that my little baby girl will be one next month!  She is standing and cruising and thisclose to walking.  She has been saying mama for a while but in the last few days she has started saying baba, popop, and the ever elusive dada.  She and monkey love each other so much that it warms and breaks my heart.  There should be another little boy for her to love that loves his little sister immeasurably.  This past Friday was three years since we said goodbye to Andrew.  I won’t lie.  I spent a lot of the day crying.  The fact is that there would never have been another little boy to love her because if he had stayed, she probably would have never been.  That is what is so hard for me to accept.  There is no way that I could have had all three of my precious children.  I look down at this gorgeous little girl who I am so blessed to call my own and have to accept the fact that I have her at the expense of losing Andrew.

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