The jungle is growing

Come February, there will be another little animal in our jungle. I don’t think monkey quite understands, but he knows that his brother is “in” mommy. If you ask him where his brother is, he will point to me and then he will give a kiss to wherever he pointed to “give his brother a kiss.”. I think he is going to do great once the baby is here, except that it will take up his mama’s time. I have an OB appointment tomorrow and I think we are going to take monkey with us to hear his brother’s heartbeat.

Pregnancy stats so far:

As of tuesday 9/20 – I am 17 weeks pregnant
I am having a boy (duh)
I have not gained any weight since I lost 15 lbs before I knew I was preggo.
I feel flutters at night a bunch, mostly when I squish him. I still sleep on my stomach a lot.
No names picked yet. M and I can’t agree on anything, but I have a couple that I think I will push for.

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